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Alternate names: Satin Spar, Desert Rose

Qualities of the person with whom it resonates: Spiritual seekers, Energy healers, Peace lovers

Characteristics of the Individual Who Will Benefit from Energy: Those seeking mental clarity and peace

Mining Source: Morocco, Mexico, United States

Color and Appearance: Translucent white stone with striations

Material: Selenite Crystal

Mohs hardness: 2.0 - 2.5

Chemical properties: Hydrated Calcium Sulfate 

Crystal structure shape: Tabular crystal structures or columnar formations.

Energy Properties : High vibration energy for spiritual growth.

Healing Properties : Enhances mental flexibility and decision-making abilities.

Chakra Alignment : Crown Chakra

Astrological Association : Taurus

Birthstone Association : May Birthstone

Powerful crystal combinations and benefits.: Combining selenite with black tourmaline can create an effective protective grid around your home.


The radiant glow of our Selenite Chakra Pendant mirrors the light found within us all. This gem is a historical symbol for purity, often associated with angelic guidance due to its ethereal essence. The name 'Selenite' originates from the Greek goddess Selene who was known as the moon goddess which illuminates this mineral's connection to lunar cycles and intuition.


Its unique translucent appearance is caused by minute inclusions of water trapped during formation giving it a pearly lustre known as chatoyancy. Despite its delicate look, selenite has been used practically in creating cement plaster for construction purposes due to its chemical composition.


On a metaphysical level, selenite serves as a powerful tool for energy workers because it doesn't need recharging like other crystals do; instead it clears out negative energies on its own! Wearing this pendant not only adds elegance but also helps maintain emotional balance throughout hectic days.


For meditation uses, hold onto selenite while meditating to enhance your connection with higher realms or place on any chakra point that needs clearing or balancing. In terms of gridding use – placing four pieces at each corner of your house creates a peaceful environment protected against negativity!


Home placement recommendations include near windows where they can catch sunlight or moonlight since their natural luminescence makes them perfect mood enhancers. Due to their softness (a mere 2 on Mohs scale), they require gentle handling and should be kept dry at all times because prolonged exposure to water will degrade them over time.


"The information regarding the metaphysical and other properties and purposes of these minerals are provided for entertainment and inspirational purposes only. In no way is it intended for diagnosing illness, prescription, or advice and should not replace proper medical attention. Consult your doctor or other health professional in the case of illness."

Selenite Chakra Pendant

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