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Satin Spar Double Termination Wand

Immerse yourself in the mystic world of crystals with our Satin Spar Double Termination Wand. This beautifully handcrafted wand is designed to channel positive energies and provide a balanced flow between mind, body, and spirit.

About Satin Spar

Satin spar, also known as Selenite, is lauded for its purity and high vibrational frequency. With its milky white color and satin-like sheen that illuminates under light, it's not only aesthetically pleasing but also carries immense spiritual significance.

This luxurious crystal promotes clarity of mind and deep peace — a perfect tool for meditation or energy healing practices. It’s said to open up your crown chakra which can help connect you to your higher self or divine entities.

The Power of the Double Termination Wand

A double termination wand has distinct pointed ends which aid in casting off negative energy while drawing in positivity from both directions - an incredibly powerful companion during personal growth journeys!

The term "double terminated” means that both ends are naturally formed points making it ideal for removing blockages or obstacles that might be hindering your aura from radiating brightly. It's like having two crystal powerhouses working harmoniously as one!

"The information regarding the metaphysical and other properties and purposes of these minerals are provided for entertainment and inspirational purposes only. In no way is it intended for diagnosing illness, prescription, or advice and should not replace proper medical attention.Consult your doctor or other health professional in the case of illness."

Satin Spar DT

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