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Witch Hat, Jack-o-lantern, and hunk of rose quartz.


Tune into the power of love and tranquility with our Rose Quartz Bundle! This magnificent collection of powerful pink wonders is a radiating embodiment of affection, positivity, and serene energy. Bursting with warm vibes and bound to awaken your heart chakra, this bundle includes an enchantingly handcrafted Rose Quartz Witch Hat, a playful Rose Quartz Jack-o'-lantern, and a robust hunk of raw rose quartz. It's time to harness the magic of these stones in an excitingly mysterious way!

Our Rose Quartz Witch Hat is hands down a mesmerizing work of art. Skillfully carved from pure rose quartz, it serves as more than just an accessory for your wizardry pursuits. It stands tall amongst gemstone enthusiasts as an epitome of emotional healing and universal love. Whether you're casting spells or simply seeking inner peace while meditating, this incredibly charming hat will amplify loving energies around you.

Living up to its jovial reputation, the Rose Quartz Jack-o'-lantern in this bundle is our unique twist on celebrating Halloween all year long! But beyond its sparky grin lies the trademark properties of rose quartz - promoting self-love, friendship, and deep inner healing. Keep it by your bedside or work desk as a delightful reminder that every day can be filled with fun yet tranquil vibes.

Nothing beats the untouched beauty that nature provides us - embodied perfectly in our raw hunk of rose quartz included in the bundle! This vibrant piece captures everyone's eye with gradients ranging from translucent powder pink to rich rosy hues. Just holding this crystal may encourage feelings of peace and provide comforting energy during times when you need it most.

Treat yourself or someone special to this exclusive bundle oozing with positive vibrancy found only in specially-selected high-quality rose quartz pieces! Get ready to embark on an enchantingly soothing journey filled with love vibrations at every turn.

Rose Quartz Bundle

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