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Jack, Jack-o-lantern, and hunk of orange calcite.


Bask in the bubbly radiance of our Sunshine Citrus Crystal Bundle! This vibrant combo packs a powerful punch of positivity, creativity, and cleansing energy that’s sure to brighten up your life. In this stunningly vivid set, you'll find an Orange Calcite Jack, an Orange Calcite Jack-o-lantern and a handsome hunk of pure Orange Calcite - all curated to synergize their energies for your holistic divination.

First up, we have the Orange Calcite Jack. A finely carved gemstone masterpiece that exudes warmth and playfulness while also working like a charm to dissolve emotional stress. Its unique shape aids in releasing stored negative emotions making it an ideal ally for those who suffer from fears or phobias. There's more than just its beautiful sunshine hue; use this jack for meditation or keep it as a fun display piece with value-added healing properties!

Next comes our endearing Orange Calcite Jack-o-lantern! Not only is he absolutely adorable but packed with potent healing vibrations too, helping uplift your mood while alleviating any dark clouds looming over your head. Carved from high quality orange calcite to resemble a cute pumpkin face that exudes joy and happiness right at first glance. It's definitely more 'treat' than 'trick'; perfect decor not only for Halloween but all year round!

Last but certainly not least is the majestic Hunk of Orange Calcite! A raw beauty untouched by human hands radiates pure soothing energy straight from Mother Earth herself. Feel yourself immediately grounded as if bathed under warm sunlight upon touching this hearty mineral specimen boasting an unpolished rough texture which is utterly therapeutic both tactically and spiritually.

Remember every piece in the Sunshine Citrus Crystal Bundle has been powerfully cleansed under the full moonlight before being carefully packaged just to ensure you receive maximum benefits right out of the box!

Get ready to inject your life with a renewed zest and invigorating positivity, as this Sunshine Citrus Crystal Bundle has got all you need to rediscover the sunnier side of life!

Orange Calcite Bundle

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