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Meet our absolutely bewitching Howlite Jack & Zero Crystal Bundle! Unearth an enchanting voyage of self-discovery and harmony with these beautifully enthralling gems. Each piece is carefully hand-picked to offer your spirit the solace it seeks, amping up the power of love and tranquility in your life. This particular kit packs a dynamite duo of Howlite - The Stone of Awareness, rendering both beauty and bounty to resonate with resonance with your spirit!

Our superhero in this mystical lineup is none other than 'Jack', a radiant Howlite crystal that’s nothing short of spellbinding! Evoking snowfall on quiet winter nights, Jack naturally carries tranquil vibes that inspire peace-of-mind. Swoon over its marble-like aesthetic while soaking up its subtly soothing energy as it targets tension and stress like a magic charm. It promotes patience, eliminates rage or deep-seated anger, and aids insomnia sufferers making Jack more than just a pretty face.

Joining forces alongside Jack is 'Zero', another stunning member of the Howlite family adding more chakra-pleasing charm to the bundle.  Just like every hero needs their sidekick; every crystal set needs its Zero - a streamlined arrowhead-shaped howlite gem radiating silvery light through night-themed veins.
This crystalline companion not only enhances emotional expression but also cultivates calmness while strengthening memory retention abilities. It's there when the spirits are high; staying hushed yet supportive during those contemplative soul-loving sessions.

The Howlite Jack & Zero Crystal Bundle assures an immersive journey where spiritual consciousness meets compassionate healing. Make this powerful pair yours today—invite tranquility into your life wrapped in endless layers of serenity and vibrant energy equilibrium found within each stone's heartbeat.

(Please note: Every stone is unique due to its formation in nature; hence product may slightly vary from image shown.)

Howlite Jack & Zero set

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