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Yin-yang jade broom

Black tourmaline tower

Calcite & black marble candle


Discover the Zen Balance Crystal Bundle, your perfect partner for meditation, relaxation and spiritual healing. This expertly curated package includes three beautifully crafted gems designed to align your physical, emotional, and spiritual energies. Rest assured that each piece in this collection was selected by our resident crystal guru who understands how unique energy vibrations can smooth the path towards inner peace and balance.

Firstly, meet your new rock-ally, the Yin-Yang Jade Broom. The broom isn't here to sweep up dirt; it sweeps away negative energy! Crafted with beautiful jade stones carefully placed along a bamboo stem. The green jade stones represent harmony and balance which promote a calm internal state. Their cool soothing touch helps heighten awareness and encourages introspection - essential for personal growth.

Next is the mysterious Black Tourmaline Tower—a fortress of positive vibes! Known as one of the most powerful protectors in the mineral kingdom against negativity and electromagnetic radiation - an ideal choice for improving concentration during deep meditation or when you simply want to disconnect from digital distractions.

Last but certainly not least, we have paired our stunning Calcite & Black Marble Candle just to spoil you rotten! Calcite’s unique optical properties make it great at clearing out old energy patterns while amplifying learning abilities—it's indeed some kind of magic! As you light your candle, ensconced within a gently carved black marble holder providing grounding strength, imagine all those troubles evaporating with its aromatic scent!

Make sure you're ready for this truly enlightening journey into self-discovery by adding this Zen Balance Crystal Bundle into your cart today.
The enchanting dance between these three woefully understood yet used since ancient times crystals are here awaiting their grand performance on life’s stage...with none other than lucky YOU at center stage bringing them back into modern-day limelight where they unarguably belong!

Black & White Bundle

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