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(2) black tourmaline towers

(2) calcite & marble candles

Yin Yang jade broom

7" 1.6lb kiwi jasper tower


Product Title: Enigmatic Earth Crystal Bundle

Elevate your spiritual vibrations with our curated Enigmatic Earth Crystal Bundle. This kit personifies the yin-yang harmony and earthy symbolism, carved to emanate energy, balance, and grounding. A delightful mix of black tourmaline towers, calcite & marble candles, a yin yang jade broom, and a majestic kiwi jasper tower awaits you in this bundle. Each piece is handpicked for their distinctive properties and ability to offer overall wellness - emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Firstly, let's explore another dimension with our pair of Black Tourmaline Towers. Create a powerful protective shield against negative energies around you with these carefully chosen crystal pillars! Known as the stone of purification, each one of these stunning pieces stands tall promising to cleanse your surrounding aura while bringing in grounding energies.

Next up are our meticulously crafted Calcite & Marble Candles that illuminate your space simultaneously exuding calmness into it. Calcite is revered for increasing creativity and emotional intelligence whereas marble restores serenity during stressful times. Light these beautiful candles to create an ambience filled with love and tranquility.

Our Yin Yang Jade Broom sweeps its way into this bundle offering a physical manifestation of perfect balance encountered in life! Jade is an ancient stone known for attracting good luck and fostering harmonious relationships making this unique crystal broom brings prosperity along with enhancing wisdom.

Last but not least; standing majestically at 7", weighing 1.6 pounds is our holistic Kiwi Jasper Tower adding the finishing touch to this divine set. Well-known for its role as 'The Supreme Nurturer', Jasper aids in times of stress providing tranquility and wholeness while aligning the chakras.
Embrace the essence of mother earth right within your home using our Enigmatic Earth Crystal Bundle—truly a captivating collection that invites positive energy while diffusing negativity. Experience the distinct enchantment each crystal grants!

Black & White Big Bundle

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