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Elevate your energy vibration and style with our divine 7.5-inch Citrine beaded bracelet. This magnificent piece not only adds a pop of color to your ensemble, but is also steeped in profound mystical properties meant to illuminate your path to abundance and clarity.

Our charming bracelet is crafted meticulously from radiant 4 mm Citrine beads, all strung together for the perfect fit around any wrist measuring precisely 7.5 inches. The soothing sunshine hues make this bracelet an eye-catching accessory that positively stands out in a crowd.

Citrine, known as the 'Merchant's Stone,' holds an outstanding reputation in attracting success, wealth, and prosperity into one's life. Traditionally associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra - a nudge towards higher confidence and personal power–its warm energy invites joyous breaks from mental drudgery by sparking fresh ideas and fostering creative thinking.

Far beyond its captivating aesthetics harmonizing affordability with luxury; this Citrine beaded bracelet –the gem of manifestation–boosts self-esteem, stimulates intellectual growth while acting as a protective shield against spiteful attitudes keeping you perseverant on the roads less traveled.

So why wait? Dress up or dress down; it effortlessly matches every occasion bringing vibrancy that accompanies day-to-night wearability with charm unfathomable!

Remember though! The information regarding the metaphysical and other properties and purposes of these minerals are provided for entertainment and inspirational purposes only. In no way is it intended for diagnosing illness, prescription, or advice and should not replace proper medical attention. Consult your doctor or other health professional in the case of illness.

7.5" 4mm Citrine bracelet

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